The Breaktown Boogie

I want to see Zakuul burn. Not because of Arcann. Not because of the might of the Eternal Fleet, and not because of High Justice Vaylin, who was correct when she said I had a crush on her. No, I want to see Zakuul burn because of a wretched hive of scum and villainy known as Breaktown. Granted, Senya did refer to it as the underbelly of the underbelly, but I thought that was just hyperbole.

Breaktown can get more than a little rough, and the NPC’s there aren’t too friendly either. If you do any kind of crafting then you need materials and unfortunately, Breaktown is a key source of grade nine metals. So like it or not, at some point, you’re going to have to breakdown and do the Breaktown Boogie.

The Breaktown boogie is a game where your traverse dark alleyways like a rat in a maze collecting little scraps of metal alongside other rats who want that same bit of cheese. You move from one end to other committing genocide against the Heralds of Zildrog while praying to their serpent god that another player won’t swoop in and steal your node while you’re fending for your life.

It is a game of false politeness, whereby you offer to let the person standing next to you go ahead first, knowing full well they’ll aggro the mobs in front of you, allowing you to swoop in and farm the node.

Me: “After you good sir.”

Them: “No, after you please.”

Me: “I am an esteemed Knight of the Jedi Order. I would be in violation of several codes if I were to set one foot ahead you. I must insist that you go first.”

You go from one end to other grabbing what you can, and then you quick travel back to the start and do it all over again. I’ve been in instances where there are 40 plus people and instances where there were just two of us. Both experiences were miserable.

That is the Breaktown Boogie, and that is why Zakuul must burn.


  1. I don’t know; I always like going there on a slicer – not just to farm credits, but when I’m there for a story chapter, there’s usually also some non-slicer about who’s clearing out the mobs for me – free extra credits!

    1. I think slicing is a little less crowded down there. Partly because they nerfed the lockboxes, although they still pay pretty well.

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