Game Update 4.2 Woes

I had a wee bit of a rough night regarding Game Update 4.2. My Imperial Agent was affected by the Chapter X bug, whereby he could not complete it. I was relieved to see that a fix for this was coming in Game Update 4.2. What I wasn’t expecting was that the “fix” to complete Chapter X was to repeat Chapter X on my agent. I enjoyed it the first time, but I’m not looking forward to running it again on this particular toon. Oh well.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Nico Okarr decided to run off and hide in a cantina somewhere. On my Bounty Hunter, Nico does not show up in my crew skills window nor can I summon him. Did I mention he’s my only companion at 50 influence on this character?

I get that BioWare doesn’t want the story to get spoiled, but they really need to put this content on the PTS so players can identify all of the bugs before they go live.

In other news that isn’t actually BioWare’s fault, my 100 million credit march suffered a bit of a setback. Some of the items that I had been selling suddenly appeared in abundance on the GTN, and for a price too high to buy out, but too low to want to undercut. I’m hoping this is temporary and not a new floor. Acquiring 100 million credits is in my grasp as I hit the 75.5 million mark yesterday. To celebrate I treated myself to a decoration, Jukebox: Riveting Themes, for my Yavin IV Stronghold.

The jukebox has some really great songs, that, unfortunately, you can only hear if you’re standing a couple of feet from the device. Seriously, the volume and range for this jukebox need to be greatly increased.

I haven’t had a chance to play Chapter XI: Disavowed yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be good. In the meantime, I have to decide what I’m going to do with this giant collection of HK-55 helmets that I’m amassing. So much for all that storage space I gained in Patch 4.1.

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    1. I saw a few comments about that on the SWTOR forums yesterday. So much for the notion of testing. The thing about Nico is that those who have him have most likely got his influence close to or at 50. I chose to get him to 50 because, 1) I like him, and 2) there is no risk of losing him during the story.

      Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

      1. I had him at 50 on a few toons and in the top 6 on everyone. Just like HK, Treek, and the ship droids for exactly that reason. Bioware seems to be hell bent on driving this game under. I just can’t see any other reason for them to be as bad at so many things as they are.

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