This is Where the Fun Begins

Back at Star Wars Celebration, Mike and Joao asked me who my favorite Star Wars character was, and without hesitation I said, Han Solo.

They told me that at some point they planned to do a Han Solo character dissection and that they would love to have me on to participate. Now that The Force Awakens is out, the moment to have that discussion has arrived.

Without the help of this no good, scruffy looking, nerf-herding, pirate and scoundrel the Empire would still be ruling that galaxy far, far away. Join me as we look at how this man went from rogue smuggler to loyal friend and war hero.

Here is Part One of the Han Solo dissection series. Be sure to check out The Cantina Cast website for information on the audio version, or subscribe to them on iTunes and automatically receive it when it becomes available.

Part two of this series should be available soon as well. Enjoy!