My Favorite Gun

There are lots of guns in the game, and I have quite the collection on Darkbrew. There are many that I like, but there is one model that stands out above the rest, and… and IT’S HORDE ONLY!

It’s Fezzik’s Autocannon/Widebarrel Flintlock/Spare Gunship Cannon. Fezzik’s Autocannon is no longer obtainable. It’s the Horde equivalent to the BRK-1000. You can get the other versions from Trial of the Crusader and the Horde intro question in Mists of Pandaria.

It’s a very simple weapon – A gunship cannon chained to a couple of planks of wood. I love this model, but I hate that it’s Horde only. In fact if you create a Horde toon and then change factions, the gun will convert to the Alliance equivalent.

It’s simple, crude and I so want this on my Dwarf. That’s my favorite gun, what’s yours?


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