Episode 219: Rumble in the Tanaan Jungle!

This week, former host Arth pops in to say hello and he brings with him all the technical woes of the HPP’s previous incarnation. It was a rough ride, but we made it through to the end, and it was nice speaking with Arth once again.

This week we talk about the newly discovered taming challenge found recently on the PTR. We review all three Hunter specs and where they stand in Patch 6.2. We also talk about those elusive Hunter weapons and some things you can do to upgrade to a 695 weapon on day one of the patch.

Episode 220 will air Sunday, June 14th at 1:30 PM Eastern. Click here to see when the show will air where you live.

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  1. Gaz,What you describe is tolltay normal behavior. Games are destined to be boring, even big games with many avenues. Given enough time, you will tread them all. I’ve been experiencing the same kind of thing for years, and recently it’s gotten much, much worse. Right now I’m splitting my time between six games that I play for a few hours each week instead of one game I play a lot. I play at least 1 game a day on Magic the Gathering Online, win at least 1 BG on my rogue in WoW, rotate my duty officer missions on Star Trek Online, rotate my crew missions on Star Wars, play Skyrim for an hour now and then, and play a few turns of Civ from day to day. I’ve developed game attention deficient disorder.I think it comes from playing so much for so long. With nothing really new available, we get tired of the same transposed games that can’t keep our attention, so we dabble.Your second question I think comes down to Participation Bandwidth, a term I picked up from McGonigal’s Reality is Broken. Essentially, there is a finite amount of time, energy, and money people will invest in game activities, and with more and more games, each one starves a little more. Eventually, one might appear that’s powerful enough to consolidate a lot of those resources in one place (like WoW did), but it becomes harder and harder the more options players have. End game may be flawed, but more so the entire concept of MMOs. How many worlds can you split your time between while still being engaged? Sincerely,StubbornStubborn recently posted..

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