Meanwhile…Game Update 3.3

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been obsessing over Knights of the Fallen Empire and have completely forgotten that Game Update 3.3 is scheduled for release on July 21st. This update includes PvP reward changes, the Yavin IV stronghold, and playable Togruta.

I’m not all that interested in the PvP changes, but a new stronghold and Togruta? Oh yeah!

I must admit, I’m way more excited about the Yavin IV stronghold than I ought to be. I have all four of the original strongholds and none of them are decorated or fully unlocked.

My strongholds are just glorified versions of my ships. Cargo holds, legacy storage, mailbox, vendor and GTN kiosk all in one convenient location. No having to run to the other end of the ship to grab something I just bought from the GTN.

I’m hoping that the “coolness” factor of the Yavin IV stronghold will inspire me to become a decorator, although I fear for my wallet if that happens.

The stronghold itself won’t be cheap to acquire. The data-mined costs have it at 2.5 million credits to purchase, and an additional 10 million to unlock all of the rooms. You will be able to purchase everything with Cartel Coins, but those prices have not been revealed.

I believe that there is some benefit to acquiring the stronghold with Cartel Coins. If you do this and then decide to deactivate it, it won’t cost you anything to reactivate it. If you acquire it with credits then you will have to pay again.

I’ll do a mix of credits and coins, but this will the first stronghold the I fully unlock, and it’s probably where I’ll spend most of my time until the big event.

HK-51: “Query: Bro, do you even decorate?”

In addition to the stronghold, Togruta will be available as a playable species. It looks like they’ll work just like the Cathar did. You’ll be able to unlock them for 600 Cartel Coins.

If you’ve played a Sith Inquisitor then you’re familiar with Ashara Zavros. She is a Togruta; an especially whiny Togruta. If you’ve played the Jedi Knight then you’re familiar with Sgt. Fideltin Rusk. He is not a Togruta. He looks a lot like a Togruta, but he’s actually a Chagrian.

Personally I would have preferred Chagrian over Togruta. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get a more alien-looking species, but they’re a bit of a cross between a Twi’lek and a man wearing a powdered wig.

The first Togruta Halloween costumes. Circa 17th Century.

I gave Cathar a try, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to like them. I’m hoping I’ll feel different about Togruta.

Of course, if you want to play a Togruta you will either have to create a new character or do a species change on an existing character.

I have an open character slot, but I also know that every name in the game has been taken, so I’ll ending up hating the new character based on that alone. I’ll either have to choose a really short name that is nothing more than a random assortment of letters, or a really long name that nobody wants to type. Seriously, though, there aren’t many names left to be had. Even the ones you get from the random name generator are often taken. Whose idea was it anyway to create a name generator that gives you names you can’t use?

I could change one of my existing characters. The problem there is I either like the species/advanced class combinations that I have or I hate the advanced class. I don’t want to change one that I like, and I’ll never play one that I don’t. I feel like my best option is to create a new character, but what class?

I think most classes are suitable for Togruta except for Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent. I have two Bounty Hunters, two Imperial Agents, two Sith Inquisitors, two Troopers, two Jedi Knights, two Consulars, one Sith Warrior, and one Smuggler.

While it would be nice to see the Smuggler story again, I’m not sure I want another Pub toon. I’m leaning toward Sith Inquisitor. If nothing else it will give me the opportunity to play the whole storyline wearing Tulak Hord’s armor. Yes, I think I like that idea. I’m also told that light-side Nar Shaddaa is a lot of fun for the Sith Inquisitor and I’ve yet to try that.

Game Update 3.3 drops on Tuesday, July 21st. See you on Yavin IV.


  1. My plan was to close up my other strongholds and move to Yavin but that kind of price tag is a little high. I didn’t buy the Tatooine one because the price was too steep…. Hopefully, they’ll reduce the initial cost!

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