A New Taming Challenge in 6.2

The Burning Legion. Yeah, we hate them. When we traveled back in time to Draenor we inadvertently resurrected them and now they are once again a serious threat to all life on Azeroth. Oops, my bad.

Since we had the Iron Horde to deal with we let things slide when they started corrupting a few space goats. After all, they were space goats and not real goats. But then they started messing with the real goats or in this case wolves.

Now even though we’re sick of wolves, we’d prefer to choose not to tame them rather than be denied the opportunity.

We’ve waited long enough and now it’s time to invade the Tanaan Jungle and free our beloved beasts from clutches of their demonic captors.

It won’t be easy though. To start with we’ll need to defeat one of those corrupted space goats I mentioned earlier – Fel Rangari Anaara.


If you were beginning to think that your hatred towards space goats was misguided, she will do nothing but reaffirm the darkness in your heart. Clutch that hatred close to your bosom because you’re going to need it along with every skill in your Hunter arsenal. Prepare to Dwarf-up!

When she charges you, make her keep her distance with Concussive Shot, Ice Trap or Biding Shot. When she tries to heal herself, hit her with a Counter Shot. If she takes the cowardly approach and stealths, root her out with a flare. Oh, she wants to buff herself? Dispell with a Tranquilizing Shot. Did she put your pet to sleep? Wake him up with Bestial Wrath or Master’s Call.

Did she summon a deadly fel pool underneath you? Stand in it and die because after ten years you still haven’t learned that standing in the fire is not a DPS buff.

There is nothing she can throw at us that we cannot counter, but that does not mean she is a pushover. Once you have defeated her, take her Vial of Fel Cleansing and make your way to the Temple of Sha’naar. There you will find Felbound Wolves. There you will find your new companion.

A big shout-out to Bendak who put together an amazing guide on how to tame a fel wolf. Another shout-out goes to Petopia who held a contest to see who could be the first Hunter to tackle this challenge. Congratulations to Qraljar who was the first to do it.