Kylo Ren and Revan

One of my favorite things at Star Wars Celebration was The Force Awakens costume exhibit. It was an up close and personal look at some of the new outfits we’ll be seeing in the upcoming film.

When I saw Kylo Ren’s robes and mask I felt like I was looking at something straight out of The Old Republic.


The armor in The Old Republic has been really hit or miss for me. I either fall in love with an outfit or I hate it. I’ve also questioned at times whether some of the outfits even belonged in Star Wars. Kudos to the art team for coming up with looks that are indeed worthy of a Star Wars movie.

Now how long will it be before we see Kylo Ren’s costume make it into the game?


  1. Well considering that swtor isn’t lore, or atleast for now it not being official YET. I’ve had friends asking me if its Revan, and I tell them no, it’s not. But even the Cantina event wasn’t part of official Star Wars celebration. But great post

    1. I’m not suggesting the Kylo is Revan, and in fact I don’t think The Force Awakens will be remotely tied to anything from The Old Republic.

      I do think they looked at all things Star Wars for inspiration though, and I really felt an Old Republic vibe when I saw Kylo’s outfit.

      I attended the panel on working with canon at SWCA, and the question of the Old Republic came up. Pablo Hidalgo said they weren’t ready to say that it was or was not canon and that we should enjoy the stories and our characters.

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