We are now a Part of the Tribe!

“Someone must have told them all about my little maneuver at the battle of Taanab.”

I have some exciting news for you today. The fine folks over at The Cantina Cast have agreed to bring me on board as one of their bloggers. I’m still working out the details and don’t yet know when my first post will happen. Star Wars Celebration is right around the corner, and I will be getting my “Big Bang Theory” on as I travel to Anaheim for this incredible event, so I may not be able to publish anything until after that.

When I do post articles for The Cantina Cast I’ll be sure to link them here, at The Brew Hall and on Twitter.

It’s never a bad time to be a Star Wars fan, but this year is extra special as the franchise is heading into overdrive with The Force Awakens, new books, comics and more. There are five additional films planned in the next few years so Star Wars is poised to dominate pop culture once again, and I wanted to get in on the fun.

I would like to thank the members of The Cantina Cast for bringing me on board, and I look forward to contributing to the discussion of the Holy Saga and all things Star Wars.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to iron and fold my collection of Star Wars t-shirts to pack for Anaheim.


  1. Grats. I like that someone I respected for so long as part of the hunter community also loves star wars and swtor. I look forward to anything you put out, no matter the game, no matter the content form. Keep on truckin Mr. Brew.

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