Monday Musings: Barsen’… Wha?

Another week has gone by, and once again I’ve failed to produce anything but a Monday Musings post. I like writing them, so I’m not complaining too much, but I’ve got 19 posts in my drafts area that I can seem to finish. I think my next blog project is going to be nothing but half written posts. I’ll get the post to a certain point, and then say screw it and hit publish.

Truth is between I’ve been so busy leveling my Consular that I haven’t taken the time to blog. Seriously I’ve been going at it like the game was just released or something.

A couple that I’ve started here are nearly done, so maybe if you check back later this week you’ll find a post on that amazing companion gear, and Patch 3.2 and the mysterious Outfit Designer. For now let me catch you up on my previous week.

  • I didn’t get my Sage to 60, but I did get her to Rishi. If you recall I was last on Belsavis, so that means I cleared Voss, Corellia and Makeb as well as the Shadow of Revan prelude. Not a bad week.
  • You can go to Makeb at level 47, which I hit while I was on Voss. I decided to finish Voss, and then move onto Corellia. It doesn’t make any sense not to finish the class story. That might be an interesting experiment though.
  • I did the entire first zone in Corellia and then just focused on the class story after that. I was hoping it would be enough to get me to level 50, but it wasn’t.
  • My main reason for moving on is that I was under geared for Corellia and didn’t want that struggle of barely surviving fights. I really wanted to get the bolster.
  • Makeb went by much faster than I ever remembered. It’s probably because I’ve played through it so much now that I know exactly when and where to go. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed at which it went.
  • Once you get to Makeb I feel that you’re home free as far leveling. By that I mean everything is in place to keep you geared well enough to get to 60.
  • One thing I realized is that the awesome companion gear that I want to write about can be equipped at level 55. That’s right, I have leveling companion in full 192 gear including main and off-hand. Unbelievable, and most welcome.
  • I also realized that you can equip the level 186 trinkets at 56. Another nice DPS boost for my character.
  • One thing I did while leveling was choose Basic Comms as rewards almost every time they were offered. By the time I hit 60 I should have close to 1000 comms which will buy a lot of basic gear right away.
  • When buying basic gear always remember to get the Earpiece and Implants first. There aren’t moddable so can’t use other character’s comms to buy other pieces. I made that mistake once and had to unnecessarily grind out comms on one of my characters.
  • I completed the Consular personal story on Rishi. I’m going to rank this one near the top. The only one I haven’t done yet is the Smuggler.
  • I’ll try and keep things spoiler free here, but I did want to point out a few things that I liked about the story.
  • First was the character you work with on the quest. He’s new, and he’s a species that you don’t encounter much in SWTOR. He also reminds me a little of Paul Giamatti, or a least a character that he could play.
  • The other thing I liked about the story is that it tried to give more significance to my character in terms of her history in the Jedi Order.
  • Being named Barsen’thor was supposed to do that, but I have to admit I didn’t feel that special after getting the title.
  • I get that my character is only the third in the history of the Jedi Order to receive it, but we don’t learn much about the other two, or what it really means. Being named Barsen’thor didn’t feel that special to me.
  • I was more excited when my character became a Knight and then a Master. Those are titles I understand. Those have meaning. Those were titles I expected to get on my journey.
  • With Barsen’thor I felt like I was being trolled a little by the Jedi Council. It didn’t feel epic to me. The personal story made me feel a little more special.
  • Well that’s it for this Monday. Shorter than normal, I know, but hey that gives me time to maybe write something else.

May the Force Be With You!

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  1. Haha, I’m like that as well! I just checked my drafts folder, and there’s 22 unfinished posts. :/

    Usually, it’s just a half-finished idea that I had that I felt I should write down before I forget it. I should probably just delete half of them because they’re never going to get published, but somehow I have trouble doing that. For instance, there’s one about the operation victory tournament, but it was cancelled before I could post it and now it’s old news.

    But hey, look at the bright side: it’s better to have *too many* ideas than having no ideas about what to write at all. At least you’re not suffering from a writer’s block! 🙂

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