Episode 212: Michele Morrow, Bracklemore and Rhino Gosling

It’s never a dull moment when Michele Morrow makes an appearance on the show, and Episode 212 is no exception. This week we discuss the Raid Against Rare Diseases charity even that took place on February 28th.

If you missed the event, no worries, there is still time to donate as well as participate in the online auction where you can bid on some items donated by Blizzard.

Also in this episode we congratulate Solar on getting a job with Blizzard Entertainment. At the end of March he’ll move to California and join Warcraft’s QA team. Grats Solar!

We also managed to squeeze in couple of Hunter topics including how nice it is to be Beast Mastery and use pets once again.

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Episode 213 is currently scheduled for March 15th. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 212: Michele Morrow, Bracklemore and Rhino Gosling


  1. Please do NOT invite Michele Morrow to the Podcast anymore. She talks way to much of things that is not intersting. She seems to love listeneing to her own voice…I just can’t stand it. Please.

  2. I am sorry to say that this was the worst Hunting Party Podcast ever. Please get rid of Michele Morrow for the future. I couldn’t stand it. I guess you are doing this for the public and not only to amuse yourself?

  3. It seems I happened to publish two replys with the same oppinion. I am sorry about that, but I guess my message is clear.

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