Manaan, Manaan Doot-Doot-Do-Do-Do

In the latest Producer’s Roadmap 2015 it was mentioned that another stronghold is planned for later this year. This got me thinking about a couple of things. First, where will this new stronghold be, and second where would I like to live?

If I were a gambling man I would lay all my Sabacc cards on the table and bet that the new stronghold will be on Alderaan. It’s the most neutral of the planets in the game. It’s where the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, and it hasn’t been ravaged by the Empire or the Republic. As a long-term investment property to hand down to future generations Alderaan is not ideal, but there are arguably some beautiful places that one could live there for now.

Despite that fact that it’s doomed for destruction it’s a just a better choice for a stronghold that the rest of the core worlds. Sure the real estate prices on Corellia are great if you’re a buyer willing to hold onto it while you wait for a post war boon, but as a place to live today? I’d rather be chained to a Hutt and live in one of their palaces.

Balmorra is equally bad as Corellia. Belsavis is a prison. Taris is full of Rakghouls. Hoth and Illum are too cold for my tastes. Although Illum is a damn beautiful planet. You might be able to talk me into buying a winter getaway there.

Quesh is toxic. Hutta is full of Hutts, although owning Hutt palace would be cool. We just bombed the crap out of Korriban and Tython so those are out.

I just think Alderaan is it. That said, i’m not sure Alderaan is attractive enough to make me want to shutdown one of my other strongholds and go live there. I’ll reserve final judgement once I know exactly what the next stronghold will be.

Now if it were up to me, and sadly it is not, I would choose to live on Manaan. It’s one of my favorite planets in the game. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Everything looks clean, the music is soothing. The fountains are beautiful. It’s just a wonderful place, and one where I would love to chill after a hard day of slaughtering the galaxy’s denizens. Granted every time I hear a Selkath speak I want to drive a pencil through my eardrums, but they wouldn’t be part of the stronghold.

I’m imagining a three tiered, circular over the water stronghold with an enclosed upper level with lots of windows, a 360 degree balcony, and an underwater aquarium level with giant windows so you could watch the incredible sea life. I’d spend all my free time there.

I think the next stronghold will be Alderaan, but I’d pay handsomely for Manaan.

Where would you like to live next?

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  1. Korriban is my first pick. Now, I haven’t played the Korriban Incursion yet, but surely there are some spots on the planet that have avoided destruction?
    I’m thinking an ancient temple with underground (DARK!) crypts, with both small passages and some big underground halls to house some indoor centerpieces. Dark, so we can finally have a stronghold with a low light where we can actually use light decorations to light up a room in the colour we want. Next to the temple, there can be some modern extensions, Dromund Kaas-style. Besides the big temple, there could be some smaller ones, like shrines and chapels, connected by the underground passages, and between all of it, there should be lots of ground space (and some rocks) including several centerpiece hooks, like Tatooine, but more covered in hooks for better customization. Starship hook too, of course.

    My main reason for wanting Korriban is all the centerpiece decorations that really only fit into a Sith home. The apartment in Kaas City only has one centerpiece, and that’s on a landing pad where anything big and heavy looks stupid. I need Korriban to display:
    Imperial Walkers
    Grand Statue of Revan
    Grand Statue of the Emperor
    Sith Academy Obelisk
    Statue of Ancient Horror
    Statue of Naga Sadow
    Statue of the Oriconian Warrior
    – and a couple more of Grand Statue of the Emperor

    Besides all those, I’d also want to place:
    Fusion Generator
    Krayt Dragon Skeleton
    Massive Anti-Air Turret
    Storm Carrier Rocket
    Yavin Guard with Spear
    Yavin Head Sculpture
    Yavin Warrior with Spear

    Now, asking for about 15 centerpieces is a lot, but maybe 8-10? There could be a little path down between some rocks to one. Spread them around, make it a big area. That would be my dream stronghold. My Sith Sorcerer would never want to leave, and as SI is by far the most popular class, I expect lots of people would like it. ^^

    I’l love Ilum too, though! Many of the life day decorations would fit well there! 😀

  2. I actually think it will be Manaan, simply because I seem to vaguely recall a dev hinting at that ages ago… plus, what else is there on Manaan?

    I don’t think we’ll see any more strongholds on faction-specific planets because then they would have to make an equivalent for the other faction to keep it fair, and why make more work yourself when you could just add another neutral stronghold and cover both factions at once?

    And in response to Lasse David above, Sith inquisitors fell behind knights, consulars, and warriors in popularity some time ago. 😉

  3. Have to agree that Manaan would be nice, for all the reasons mentioned above. I’d probably shut down my NS house for that, the next time I logged in anyways. I’d even resub if there was some sub perk that made it cheaper to unlock. It would definitely consume all my cartel coins for room unlocks (a system I loathe but spend money on anyways).

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