Dressed to Kill: The Imperial Agent

Spoiler Alert: This post contains plot details from the Imperial Agent story. If you have not played that story line, and don’t wish to know any details from it, then you may wish to skip parts of this post.

One of my many obsessions with this game is finding the right look for my characters and their companions. Looking good is no easy feat and can easily consume both time and credits. Lots of credits.

The folks over at TOR Fashion do an amazing job collecting ideas from the community on how to make our characters look great, and that’s exactly where I found the look I wanted for my Imperial Agent. Props to Cillyan of the Jedi Covenant for submitting this incredible armor set. It’s a mish-mash of different armor sets that blend perfectly together that give the Agent a look that says I’m still loyal to the Empire, but with an edge.

Okay, here’s the part where I tell you why this outfit suits me, and I dive into the Agent story line; specifically the end of the Agent story. Feel free to jump straight to the table that lists the gear in this outfit if you don’t wish to be spoiled. The Agent was my first character and as I went through the story, I played him as someone that loved being a part of Imperial Intelligence, and hated the Sith. Well maybe not hate, but someone who thought Imperial Intelligence was the reason that the Empire stood any chance of winning a war against the Republic. As Keeper states,

This isn’t glamorous work. We’re sanitation workers—we clean up after the military and the Sith and do the jobs no one else will. Without us, though, the Empire falls apart. So we do whatever is necessary—even if it’s thankless and ugly.

I totally bought into that philosophy while leveling up my Agent, and I totally paid for it in the end. You see, at the end of the story Imperial Intelligence is dissolved. There are several options you can choose for your next path. I chose to be a free agent. I felt it was the best of nothing but bad options.

As we fast forward to Makeb and now Shadow of Revan there is a place for the Agent in today’s Empire. Sith Intelligence has replaced Imperial Intelligence, and there is now room to see the Agent in a different light. Someone who is loyal to the Empire but free to operate in the shadows with complete autonomy.

To that end I wanted to give my character the classic look of an Imperial Agent, but with a darker tone. Something that conveys Imperial loyalty with a touch of free lance special ops. I feel that this outfit does just that.

Let’s talk about the gear. Here are the items that make up this set.

Slot Item Unify Colors Dye/Crystal
Head Shock-Dispersing Headgear Yes
Chest RD-03A Recon Jacket Black & Deep Red
Hands Juhani’s Gloves Yes
Waist Casual Vandel Belt Yes
Legs Darth Sion’s Leggings Yes
Feet Arkan’s Boots Yes
Wrists Diabolist Bracers Yes
Weapon Cademimu Marksman Eliminator Your Choice

And here is how it all comes together and looks.


Sold on the look? Here’s how you can go about obtaining all of these items. Prepare to make your wallet cry though. Most of these items can be found on the GTN. Bear in mind that this is a mix of gear, so if you want to outfit your companions with the same look, there’s not much you can do other than assemble a separate set for them. Getting all the pieces in your collection will take some work, and it won’t be cheap.

The jacket is the centerpiece of the uniform. There are essentially two styles of Imperial Officer chest pieces. The one that you see in the Clandestine set is a little more ornate. It has the tassle on the front. The one used for this set is the Recon jacket, and it has a cleaner look. Another chest piece with the same look as the Recon, is the Hammer Lookout’s Jacket which drops from normal Hammer Station. This can be easily soloed at high levels.

The jacket isn’t adaptive gear. It’s medium armor. Keep that in mind if you want this look on a companion or non-agent character. You can find a list of Imperial uniform jackets and accessories over at Chemayla’s SWTOR Styles. I happened to have what I was looking for in my inventory, and of course you can find them on the GTN.

The great thing about this jacket is it doesn’t have much in the way of a secondary color. It’s really just the collar pins, which means almost the entirety of the chest piece will have the primary color of your dye. That means you can get an entirely black outfit for cheap. Take that greedy Cartel Market!

Darth Sion’s leggings are part of the Bounty Packs. On Shadowlands you can get a full set of his armor for 325,000 credits. Getting the full set gives you the option to add it to your collection and the pants will always be available to you. The pants themselves can be had for at little as 50,000 credits. I like the solid color and slightly baggy look. My agent looks comfortable.


Juhani’s armor set was part of the Starfighter packs. The gloves go for around 75,000 credits. I’ve seen the chest and legs sell for 10,000 – 25,000 credits, and other pieces sell upwards of 200,000 credits. As of this posting there were no bracers for sale on the GTN, so getting a full set to add to your collection may prove difficult.

The Casual Vandal armor was also part of the Starfighter packs. I lucked out and found a lower body armor crate on the GTN for 14,000 credits. Individual belts sell for around 100,000 credits though.

The Arkan’s armor set was another item from the Starfighter packs. This is a pretty small armor set containing chest, belt, pants and boots. I found the boots for 10,000 credits, and an upper body armor crate for 20,000. Someone who had a vague understanding of pricing put the pants up for 45,000, so I bought the whole set. If people are being smart about the GTN, the boots will run anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 credits.

The Diabolist armor was from the Contraband packs, so it’s the oldest armor in the set, which means it will be harder to obtain and expensive. The bracers will cost you about 80,000 credits. A crate containing the full set of Diabolist armor will cost about 300,000.

The head piece is medium armor, and can be found on the GTN. It has the same look as the Adept Scout head piece, which is of course adaptive, but much more expensive. I’m a big fan of head pieces that allow you to see the character’s face, and this certainly allows that. It’s also looks like something an Agent my wear.

The weapon used by Cillyan is the Infiltrator’s Compact Sniper Rifle, available on the Cartel Market for 400 coins. I’ve seen it on the GTN for close to 1,000,000. That’s more than I’m willing to pay, but the Cademimu Marksman Eliminator has a very similar look and drops from General Ortol in Cademimu normal. Easily solable at level 60 and even lower. I got mine in two runs.


Finding the right look for your characters can really enhance how you feel about them when you play. If you’ve got an Imperial Agent in your list of toons, consider this look as you fight the evils that threaten the Empire.

May the Force Be With You!


  1. My Sniper is my ops my main in SWTOR. I’d been running her around in RV-03 dyed black/blue for most of 2.x. I was ready for a new look. Then I hit that place on Rishi where they call you “The Imperial Ghost” and I LOVED it. So that was my inspiration. She’s on Tor Fashion, too.


    1. That’s a very cool outfit. I remember another great outfit that you did for your Bounty Hunter. You’ve really got a knack for it.

      I am utterly uncreative in this regard.

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