Close, but No Ci-Gara

Tremendous progress was made last night in the hunt for Gara. Thanks in large part to some data mined information posted on the Petopia forums, Hunters were able to piece things together and break the roadblock that had us all stymied; what to do after the berries.

I’m opting not to post details on my blog, but if you want all the details you can find them on this post in the Petopia fourms.

I also plan to do, what I’m sure will be one of many guides detailing this journey.

What I will say is that I think we’re right on cusp of getting to tame Gara. I was fairly certain that it was going to happen last night.

I’m a little disappointed that we had to rely on datamined information to get where we are. Do I think it would’ve been solved without it? Yes, but  not likely anytime soon.

It involves collecting some items. I actually had a couple of them from searching around some zones yesterday, and I deleted them because I needed bag space and they didn’t look like anything significant.

More clues in-game, and more flavor text on items would help a lot. Seriously, hats off to anyone who solves this with only the information supplied to you in-game.

I’m impressed to see this much effort go into creating content for one spec of one class for something that isn’t a legendary item.

This is is still a lot of fun, and the journey isn’t quite over yet.

The game remains afoot.