The Hunter community is still hard at work trying to unravel the mystery of Gara, and now we’re ramping up our efforts to figure this out.

If you use Twitter at all, we’re attempting to collect information pertaining to Gara by using the hashtag #SolveGara.

Also there is now a thread on the official forums called, Gara: Wow’s first unsolvable mystery,  where you can contribute.

The other place I would recommend posting information is in this thread on the Petopia forums.

Many, many things have been tried and right now the trail seems to have literally gone cold, as some Hunters focus their sights on Frostfire Ridge.

I ran all over there earlier today and didn’t find anything significant. That should’t stop you from trying though. I also checked out parts of Nagrand with no luck. Jeremy Feasel opened up a little bit about it today on Twitter with the following tweets.

This is interesting as most players hunting her are level 100. It could mean doing more quests at level 100, or maybe it has something to do with the Garrisons and needing the highest level Garrison.

It’s also possible that there is a reward that comes from a follower quest, and that the followers have to be level 100. That’s my current theory for now.

Regarding the berries, this is what he had to say.

So it sounds like the berries are a one-time thing and those who have completed that part have moved on. It’s that next step that isn’t quite intuitive yet.

I’m still enjoying the heck out of trying to solve this. This is way better than the “oh look here’s a cool looking mob sitting in this zone, and it’s TAMEABLE!” that we’ve traditionally had in the past.

Alright now, everybody #SolveGara!

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  1. We also using /join SolveGara on Level 100 PVE server. Bunch of folks on tonight, working on list for the Spirit Effigy. Keeping that “SolveGara” on both hashtag and chat makes it easy.

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