It’s a Bear Trap!

Happy Birthday Celestalon and thank you for the presents.

This was just an announcement and these are changes coming soon to an Alpha build near you, so they’re not in any patch notes yet.

Flaming Shot was not a snoozer of a talent that favored Survival. I felt predicted that it wouldn’t survive testing, and now it’s gone. No world on what’s replacing it. Rapid Fire for Marksman is a great choice as they have very few instant casts and the added Haste will be of great benefit to that spec.

There’s no indication on what will replace it and whether it will be passive or active. The pre-alpha talents had Bola Shot, so maybe they’ll revert to that.

Bear Trap is another mystery. The hope is that it will be a DPS cooldown for Survival. The question is will be an actual trap that we can drop and fire with Trap Launcher or will it be more like a shot? It’s likely an actual trap which means it will fire it like Binding Shot and other traps. I’m personally not a big fan of abilities like that being a regular part of the rotation, but if they make it an AoE spell like Volley that rains down bears on the enemies, I’ll be SV for life.

I’m hopeful they’ll be another build this weekend and will get more details soon.

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