Hail Hunters!

The Warcraft Hunters Union, OutDPS, The Hunting Party Podcast, Ghostcrawler. All are gone. Eyes of the Beast, Cloak and Quiver, Shots Fired, Thrill of the wild, RogerBrown, Muffinus, Celestalon. All have risen to take their place. Understand? No? Here’s one more hint.

Tameable HYDRAS!

Cut off one head and two shall take it’s place. That’s the Hunter motto. It should also be the deathrattle of a Hunter Hearthstone card, but I digress.

The Hunter community is alive and well, and is always on the lookout for new members. There’s a new podcast and a few new blogs out there. What resources are you going to for Hunter news, information, and entertainment? Let me know. It can be anything, blogs, youtube channles, twitch streams. Anything.

Hail Hunters!



  1. I’ll shamelessly plug my blog: lolsurvival.com. Not a ton of posts as of late, but if I can get into beta there will ba a lot to talk about.

  2. Cloak & Quiver is definitely jammy packed with hunter data and well-worth the listen. Convert to Raid is fun (and Koltrane is hilarious) and they do a good general news segment. Training Dummies, The Starting Zone, Azeroth Pirate Radio, World of Warcast and Bitter & Salty are among my current favorite podcasts, because, if nothing else, they spend most of their time talking about the game and gameplay and not the lore and they DO NOT turn their news segments into the “Blizzard Business Report,” which is just too boring for words.

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