I’m no Frostheim

Blizzard released it’s first update patch to the alpha last night, and yes, there were Hunter changes.

  • Improved Cobra Shot now increases damage done by Cobra Shot, rather than Kill Command.
  • Enhanced Camouflage now heals 3% of your maximum health every 1 sec while Camouflage is active, down from 5%.
  • The worm’s burrow ability also applies the physical damage debuff.

The Cobra Shot perk is just a tooltip update. It always affected Cobra Shot, but the tooltip said Kill Command.

Enhanced Camouflage is an adjustment in the negative direction. I won’t call it a nerf for two reasons. First, it’s alpha so things are going to change. Second, I had some reservations about the Camo perks and wondered if they were two strong.

I wrote about that earlier this week. I think it’s fairly safe to say that the change was in the pipeline before I wrote anything about it. Also, I’m pretty sure no one from Blizzard reads this blog.

That said, Frostheim used similar arguments when he tried to convince us all that he was not responsible for the big Survival nerf. Let me state for the record, I podcasted with Frostheim. I knew Frostheim. Frostheim was a friend of mine. I am no Frostheim.

Feel free to blame him for any and all nerfs though, even small ones like this.

Oh, and this build also gave us a look at one of the early agility trinkets. It has the Readiness stat, which is the effect we current get from Assurance of Consequence. Note I’ve linked to the WoD version of AoC for comparison.


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  1. Seeing a green trinket based around a tertiary stat is great. Gives me hope that we’ll have a bit more control over the type of build we go for.

    Also nice to have the shout-out to tier one hunters.

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