Weekend Roundup

It was another busy week of Alpha news for Warlords of Draenor. Here are some happenings that you might want to check out. It sounds like the alpha/beta is going to be a slow process.

Beta Client and Access

The alpha/beta client is available for anyone to download from the Battlenet site. It requires about 24GB of space and you can’t play it. You can stare longingly at the logon screen listening to some WoD music in hopes that one day you might be able to step through that portal.

During PAX East, Blizzard handed out beta keys for a future phase of testing. If you’re really jonesing to get into beta you can check out eBay. Apparently all the Wildstar fans have put their keys up for sale.

How much would you pay for a beta invite?

Ranged Weapon Sounds

Eyes of the Beast previewed the new ranged weapon sounds coming in WoD. They’re very muted, and I like them, especially the gun sounds. I don’t know what does and does not violate the TOS for WoW, but there are addons out there that let you replace current ranged weapons sounds on your client. Not sayin’, but I’m kind of sayin’.

Blizz List Alpha

If you’re looking for resources and information on Warlords of Draenor, check out Blizz List’s Alpha Resources Guide. It has links to all things WoD, including some stuff you’ve read here at The Brew Hall.

Icy Veins – Roger Brown Interview

Roger Brown did an interview for Icy Veins in which he gave his analysis of the Alpha patch notes. He shares his thoughts on the loss of Rapid Fire and Distracting Shot. He comments on Stampede as a talent, and much more. It’s good a read from a good guy.

Wowhead PAX East Interview 

Finally, Wowhead did an interview with Blizzard at PAX East. No Hunter news, but good information on Garrisons, inventory/storage and more.