Ten Tames for Under Twenty

As we come to end of this expansion you might be inclined to roll a Hunter. When you hit level 10 you’ll be able to go out in the world and tame other pets. If you really want to impress and feel good about your Hunter then consider taking some time and taming a pet that really stands out.

Here are ten pets that you can tame under level 20 that will give your Hunter a unique companion. My choices are based on several factors including looks, rarity, and level of difficulty to tame at early levels. Having a polar bear at level 90 is no great shakes, but having one at level 12 is a big deal.

As you read this, I’m writing under the assumption that you’ll consider taming these while you’re between levels 10 and 20. Some of the “challenges” become trivial at higher levels.

Without further delay here are ten cool pets you can tame before level 20.

Springpaw Cub, Lynx and Stalker – Levels 1-7

redlynxUnless you’re a Blood Elf you’re in for a horrific death march if you want this pet. They reside in the Eversong Woods, part of the Blood Elf starting area. This is the only red lynx in the game, and to get one you’re going to have to run through the Eastern Plaguelands, which is a level 40-45 zone. In the past you could die and then run into the zone and rez at a nearby graveyard, but that no longer works. My level ten Hunter on Icecrown can attest to this.

If you’re looking for an early taming challenge and a cool pet, this is the one for you.

Whitefeather Crane – Level 5

Cranes are one of the new additions in Mists of Pandaria. Outside of the Pandaren starting area, the earliest you can tame one is at level 85. If you are starting a Pandaren you can pick one of these up. Since the Pandaren starting area is its own phased zone, only new Pandaren can get one. This means you have to level to ten, and you have to tame one before you leave the starting area. Once you’ve left, you can’t go back. When you tame this pet it will start out at mini-pet size, but eventually will grow up.

Bonechewer – Level 7

ghostcarionBonechewer is a ghostly, i.e., transparent carrion bird found at the Scarlet Palisade deep in Tirisfal Glade. This will me more of a challenge for Alliance to get than Horde, but he’s a great looking pet, and he’s only level seven.

Vultros is a similar looking carrion bird found in Westfall, but he is not ghostly in appearance, which is why I like Bonechewer. With Southshore now a Horde outpost it’s a little more work for Alliance players to make there way there, but this pet is worth the effort.

Bjarn and Mangeclaw – Levels 8 and 11

Polar Bears have always been my favorite bears in wow. Their white color really makes them stand out, and when you’re level 10 or 11, you really jump out. When I created Darkbrew I made sure to snag Mangeclaw as soon as I could. In general, polar bears aren’t hard to get, but you have to wait until level 50 before they’re widely available.

Bjarn is level eight spawns in Dun Morogh just West of the Gol’Bolar Quarry. Not hard for Alliance players to get, but Horde will have to make the old Night Elf death march through the Wetlands to get there.

Mangeclaw is also in Dun Morogh and is level 11. He can be found just off the road as you approach the tunnels to Loch Modan. He is not a rare so finding him should be easier than Bjarn. Again not hard for Alliance, but a nice challenge for Horde.

Pei-Wu Tiger – Level 9

peiwutigerLike the Whitefeather Crane the Pei-Wu tiger is found in the Pandaren starting area. He has the new Mists of Pandaria tiger model, and you won’t be able to get one that looks like this until after you reach level 85. Also like the Crane, he is only available to Pandaren Hunters and you have to tame one before you leave the island.

I like cats in general, and I really like this model. If you get one early on, don’t be surprised if he’s your friend for life.

Death Ravager – Level 10

ravagerThe Death Ravager can be found in the Draenei starting area. He’s locked in a cage and you need to get a key to unlock him. The key is a random drop from the other ravagers that are in the nearby area. The Death Ravager has a very unique looking skin and is one of my favorites. He’s actually a mob that’s part of a Warrior quest. If you have a Warrior friend who is on the quest, that eliminates the need for you to farm a key.

Horde can get this pet to, but it’s not an easy journey. To get to the Draenei starting area you need to take a boat from Stormwind Harbor to Rut’theran Village, and then take another boat to the Draenei area. If you’re Horde and are looking for a taming challenge, this is it.

Echeyakee – Level 15


Okay Alliance, it’s your turn for a taming challenge. If you’re Horde getting this pet is just a matter of questing in the Barrens. Echeyakee is spawned from a Horde quest of the same name. So how do you get him as an Alliance? There are a couple of options. You can level a Horde toon, have him pick up the quest. Bring your alliance toon to the spawn point and log out. Logon to your Horde toon and summon Echeyakee, and then logout. Log back on with your Alliance toon, and he’ll likely still be spawned and you can tame him. I don’t know if cross-realm-zones will impact this or not.

The other option is to find a friend who has a Horde toon who is eligible for the quest and have them spawn him.

The white lion is a great pet for any Hunter, but the coolness factor goes up a little for low level Alliance players.

Brilliant Macaw – Level 14

The Brilliant Macaw is the only blue/white parrot in the game. It’s a gorgeous model and can be had at level 14. Naturally there’s a catch. The Brilliant Macaw is a rare spawn in the Deadmines instance. You can find him in the area with boat and pirates. Getting him at a high level can be a bit of a chore. Getting him at level 14 will require luck, patience, good friends or an understanding group.

There are not shortage of stories from Hunters who went in and told the group at the outset that they wanted to tame the Brilliant Macaw, only to have their dreams dashed by someone killing it.

If you manage to get this beauty at a low level, have it out all the time, and consider yourself lucky.

Nix – Levels 16-17

Nix is a rare spawn in Loch Modan. Easy for Alliance, but a little bit of a challenge for Horde. Same model as you find in Zangarmarsh, but you have to be over level 60 for those. This is a cool looking pet that you can get early on.

There is a green-skinned version in Loch Modan level 15-16, if you prefer green as a color.

Golden Eagle – Levels 16-17


The final pet on my list is the Golden Eagle. This too can be found in Loch Modan. Sorry Horde. This color eagle isn’t available until you get to Pandaria and hit level 86.

I like the birds of prey, and this is a fine looking one to add to your stable.

As you go about taming these pets, keep in mind that you won’t be able to call a second pet until level 18, so any taming you do will have to be with either a throw away pet, or you pets in the stable.

Also, the images for this post all appear on Petopia, which is still the best resource for Hunter pets.

There you have it, my list of ten cool pets that you can find under level 20. Any that you think should be on the list? Any that you particularly like or don’t like? Let me know.