What if…Petopia?

The other night I went to do some research on pets for an article I was working on. I opened up my browser clicked on Petopia and then… OMGWTFBBQ!


Thankfully it was only a brief outage, but it got me thinking. What if there was no more Petopia? Where would we go to get information about our beloved pets? It turns out that Wowhead has an extensive area dedicated to Hunter pets.


Like everything Wowhead does the information is accurate and up-to-date. They have all the pet families, and all the beasts that can be tamed. They have information about the pet families and abilities. Best of all they have 3-D modeling for all the pets, so you can get a first-hand look at them. There’s even a guide to taming Spirit Beasts.

I love Petopia, and Wowhead even links to them, but as we’ve seen recently, nothing lasts forever. I hope that Petopia is around until the servers shut down, but should it go away, it’s nice to know we can still get our great pet information.