/Salute Warcraft Hunters Union


If it didn’t hit you last week, it’s probably hit you today. We’ve reached the end of an era in the Hunter community. Arthemystia has posted the final post ever at the Warcraft Hunter’s Union. The site will stay open indefinitely, but it is effectively closed.

I will miss this site and its authors immensely.

As the months and years go by the WHU will transition from an incredible repository of Hunter know-how to a great monument of Hunter glory days. The guides will soon lose their relevance, but the stories, videos, songs, and podcasts will harken back to the days of yore.

It was an honor and privilege to work with Frostheim, Arthemystia and all the others who supported the WHU. You made me a better Hunter.

/salute WHU


  1. Missed this when it came out, but thanks. I don’t miss blogging so much, but I do miss the podcast. It was awesome to give it the sendoff we did, and it’s great to see you continuing with your regular blogging.

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