Podcast Week: HPP Trivia

Podcast week continues here at the Brew Hall. Today I wanted to share some small factoids and anecdotes from the show’s history. Enjoy, and feel free to share your favorite memories by leaving a comment.

  • The podcast began in August 2009, during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.
  • Zeherah was the first guest on the podcast. She also made more appearances on the show than any other guest.
  • Euripides, Darkbrew and BigRedKitty all played on Drenden.
  • Euripides and BigRedKitty were briefly guildmates in Aetherial Circle.
  • Darkbrew later joined Aetherial Circle. This was after BRK quit the game.
  • Euripides and Darkbrew later formed a guild called Bucket List. The guild still exists today. We hoped our “fame” would help us recruit and turn it into a hard core raiding guild. All we got were Hunters.
  • We Gem for Strength was a cheesy comedic bit that Euripides and Darkbrew did for Episode 7. We had no idea that it would catch on like it did.
  • Frostheim got Ghostcrawler to record a bumper for show where he said – “This is Ghostcrawler, and you’re listening to the Hunting Party Podcast, and I gem for strength”.
  • Faeghleis became the producer after sending Euripides an e-mail saying he liked the content of the show, but that it sounded like crap.
  • Faeghleis lives in Australia. We used to do our live shows at 5:00 pm Eastern on Saturdays. That was around 7:00 am Sunday for him.
  • In addition to our podcast, Faeghleis did some sound work for the television show Terra Nova.
  • When the podcast first started, we each recorded only our audio tracks. We’d send them to our producer who would synch them all together.
  • Episode 21 was the beginning of the live episodes. It was also the start of the show’s legendary technical difficulties.
  • Episode 23 is a partial episode, because much of it got lost.
  • Episodes 25, 28 and 29 are lost episodes. We have show notes and partial recordings, but the final versions of those episodes are gone.
  • We were often late getting our episodes edited and out on iTunes. Case in point, Episode 26 was released after episode 31.
  • In our Outro we encouraged listeners to leave reviews on iTunes. The majority were positive, and all the negative ones were about how slow we were to upload episodes.
  • Episode 27 was not a live show due to technical difficulties with UStream.
  • Frost’s hairy wrists was started by Euripides after Frost posted a close-up of his arm wearing the friendship bracelet he won from Euripides.
  • In our final season Euripides won a friendship bracelet of his own. He too posted a picture, and we believe that Euripides has hairier wrists than Frost.
  • Darkbrew has never posted a picture of his hairy wrists. This is for the best.
  • Episode 34 was the first appearance of BRK on the show. On this episode he pissed off the Mage community. All three of them.
  • Episode 34 was the first episode where we had a sponsor – Audible.com. We never made a single cent from them or any sponsor.
  • Before Darkbrew Lager was added to the game, Darkbrew used to sign-off using the phrase Happy Hunting.
  •  For episode 38, Frostheim did his broadcast live from the WHU BBQ.
  • Episode 40 was Faeghleis’ last show, and Alisaunder’s first show.
  • Episode 45 marked the one year anniversary of the podcast.
  • After Episode 20, we recorded another episode that we titled the Lich King Special. It was dedicated to Paragon getting the world first Heroic Lich King kill. The next episode we recorded after that we called Episode 21. You do the math on episodes (see the numbers section below).
  • We first started reading chat room names in episode 47. It was Frost’s idea and he didn’t tell Euripides about it beforehand. Episode 47 was also when Darkbrew Lager was discovered.
  • Show notes became formalized with episode 23. We still have copies of the show notes for almost every episode.
  • For episode 100, Euripides and Darkbrew flew to Minnesota to record the show from Frost’s place. It was the first and only time the hosts met face-to-face.
  • Episode 18 was the first episode “I’m a Hunter” was used for the intro. song.
  • Frostheim once injured himself trying a Ninja move during a show break. He also fell out of his chair during episode 100.
  • Episodes 193 and 194 were the only episodes to not feature Darkbrew, Euripides or Frostheim.
  • Episode 93 was a lost episode because Euripides forgot to press record. That episode featured AskMrRobot and Zeherah.
  • Michele Morrow’s first appearance on the show was episode 57.
  • During one of Kripparian’s appearances, you could hear is bird chirping on the background. Very distracting.
  • The Hunting Party Drinking game was created by listener Bozanimal.
  • Michele and Frostheim played the drinking game in episode 100. Frost won.
  • Darkbrew’s Lament was a poem written in honor of Darkbrew accidentally vendoring his Deathbringer’s Will trinket. He eventually got it restored by a GM.
  • Darkbrew wrote a book of Haikus for a contest to get into the Cataclysm beta. He even had listeners submit some for him to enter.

Since we know you like numbers

  • 200 – The final episode of the podcast.
  • 201 – The actual number of recorded episodes we will have done.
  • 230 – The episode number we would be on if we had recorded an episode every week since starting.
  • 87 – The number of episodes that Euripides, Frostheim and Darkbrew recorded together.
  • 19 – The number of episodes Darkbrew missed.
  • 49 – The number of episodes Euripides missed (does not include episodes after he left).
  • 34 – The number of episoded Frostheim missed (does not include episodes before he became a host, and after he left).
  • 181 – The number of episodes Darkbrew recorded.
  • 139 – The number of episodes Euripides recorded.
  • 138 – The number of episodes Frostheim recorded.
  • 27 – The number of episodes Arth recorded.
  • 64 – The number episodes that featured guests.
  • 9 – The number of times Zeherah appeared on the podcast. Also the number of times where Darkbew was the only host.
  • 8 – The number of times Michele Morrow appeared on the podcast.
  • 7 – The number of times BRK appeared on the podcast.
  • 25 – The most consecutive episodes a single host made without missing one. Grats Darkbrew!
  • 6 – The most consecutive episodes missed by a host. Boo Frostheim!
  • 293 – The number of reviews left on iTunes.
  • 1 – The number of Hunter Podcasts to rule them all!

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  1. Cool trivia. Lots of typos though… 😉

    I’m trying to think back to what the first episode that I watched was. I think it was in the early 40s just after Ali joined the show. Can’t believe it’s been that long and you guys had already been doing it for a year by then.

    I’m very said that the party will be over on Saturday… 🙁

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