Monday Musings: DigDug


This weekend I decided to go back and dig up my Star Forager and Dreadseed armor sets. I started on Friday and by Sunday evening I had all the pieces of both sets, except the bracers, and enough speeder parts to build a small fleet of vehicles. Here are my thoughts on dig sites and seeker droids.

  • Anyone here familiar with fishing in WoW? Dig Sites are the Old Republic’s version of fishing, only you get better stuff.
  • Dig Sites have changed since RotHC was released. They’ve actually been improved.
  • One of the changes is that you dig up less stuff, but it’s easier to find Star Forager and Dreadseed armor, and speeder parts now.
  • Despite the improvements you still want to stab your eyes out with sharp letter opener.
  • You no longer dig up vendor trash, so don’t expect to make a lot of credits digging.
  • Even though you dig up less stuff, you still dig up enough stuff to wreck your inventory.
  • I’ve dug up 24 Star Forager and Dreadseed armor pieces.
  • I still don’t have bracers for either set.
  • I’ve dug up even more speeder parts, but still don’t have all the pieces for a pleasure speeder.
  • The Pleasure Speeder parts seem to only come from the “special treasure” in a dig site.
  • Although the Pleasure speeder parts are “special treasure”, they don’t feel all that special.
  • Finding the “special treasure” kills the dig site, and if you’re there primarily to find armor you can’t do that if the dig site is closed. duh!
  • Artifact gear feels even less special than Pleasure Speeder parts, and finding that will kill also kill a dig site.
  • Armor pieces are not “special”, they “interesting”.
  • Finding interesting items does not kill a dig site, although the “special treasures” that do will be announced as interesting.
  • This leads you to hold your breath every time you find something interesting in hopes that it is not an item that will deplete a dig site.
  • You can also dig up Basic comms, GSI reputation tokens, and angry creatures.
  • There is an achievement for killing excavated creatures. There is nothing for digging up that other junk.
  • Not deemed as “special” or “interesting” are the seeker deployment boosts.
  • Although the game treats them as meh, you should treat them as awesome!
  • These really are the unsung special treasures of digging.
  • The deployment boosts make your seeker droid an instant cast. That’s right, instant cast.
  • They come in major and minor varieties. Major last for three hours and minor for one hour.
  • You should jump for joy every time you unearth one.
  • In addition to deployment boosts, you absolutely need the Mark II triangulation device.
  • Seriously, the Mark II device makes it easier to find stuff.
  • Don’t think so? Try digging with no device, and then try digging with a crappy Mark I. Trust me, you’ll notice a difference.
  • If your post scan results become eratic, check to see if your Mark II buff hasn’t fallen off. It lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Speeder parts can be sold on the GTN. Including the one that drops from Toborro’s Courtyard.
  • The part from TC is sells for the least of any of the speeder parts.
  • Unless people buy the Pleasure Speeder parts, don’t expect to get rich from selling them.
  • In fact, don’t expect to get rich from digging. It’s not real archeology, these are not priceless artifcats, and you’re not Indiana Jones.
  • The Star Forager armor does make you look a little like a space version of Indiana Jones though.
  • Dun-da-Dun-tah!

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