Monday Musings: Gear Reset?



Before I start, let me apologize for the lack of posts. September is traditionally a busy month for me, and this year was no exception. I’ve had a lot less free time, and I chose to spend it playing SWTOR, rather than write about it. I’m sure you understand. Alright, on to the stuff you came to read about.

On October 1st, Game Update 2.4 will be released. It introduce two new Operations. One of the rumors surrounding this release is that there will be a gear reset. What this means is Underworld gear will be purchasable with Elite Comms, Kel Dragon with Ultimate, and then a new set of gear will drop from the new operations. Again this is just something I’ve heard through the Force and we won’t know until tomorrow. Assuming this is true, here is my Monday musings on a potential gear reset.

  • Gear changes like this seem to be common place in MMOs now. WoW does similar things.
  • I like the fact that it allows characters to catch up without having to progress through all of the older content.
  • Players love getting new gear, but they feel like it diminishes their hard work.
  • I would tell those people that they had the advantage of being uber-geared earlier and longer than folks playing catch-up.
  • I would tell those people that they will be on the cutting edge of progression with the new Operations and will continue to be uber.
  • Does anyone use the word uber anymore?
  • Uber was very popular nine or ten years ago. I don’t hear it used very often. I always liked it.
  • Do any of you know what has replaced uber? Perhaps epic?
  • Epic is still something people say right?
  • I spent a lot of Elite comms gearing up my Trooper alt.
  • If Underworld gear is available with Elite comms, I’ll really wish I had those back.
  • If Underworld gear is available with Elite comms, I’ll be chain-running hard mode flashpoints until I collapse.
  • Our Ops team just recently started running Hard Mode TFB and SV. I haven’t gotten much Underworld gear.
  • I keep passing on the Underworld bracers because I keep thinking that I already have them.
  • I don’t have them yet. I think I do, but I don’t. I think my Trooper might though.
  • If my Trooper does have them, then I’ll have to steal the from him for my Mercenary.
  • I honestly don’t mind gear resets. I actually like them.
  • More players in full Underworld gear will make hard mode flash points all the easier.
  • I like a challenge, but I’ve run these FPs to death. Comms are the only thing I get out of them, so faster and easier is better.
  • TFB was fun, and I loved SV, but I’m ready for something new.
  • The Dread Masters was a great story line and I can’t wait to see what happens next.