Captain Gimyck

Okay, Rise of the Hutt Cartel has been out for almost five months now. With the exception of the new Czerka flashpoints the other four flash points have been run to death. At this point, most players run them for comms or companion gear, and yes, even for fun. Sure you do find the occasional alts in need of gear, but for the most part the level 55 hardmode flash points are old hat.

Despite the fact that a lot of players outgear the bosses players insist on trying to cheese whatever fights they can. The worse instance is Cademimu. Captain Grimyk is not a hard fight. The strategy is simple – don’t let the Wookiee win. I’ve successfully been in groups where the tank runs in and tanks him where he is and the dps just mow him down, and the healer heals. It takes about minute and then the Wookiee kills the adds. That’s not how most people do it though.

No, most people hop on top of one of the shuttles and then the tank brings Grimyck to the shuttle and everyone kills him. The group then spends about five minutes killing the adds. It’s painful.

The bonus boss in that instance is another one where players try to cheese the mechanic where he pulls players into him. The number of times I’ve taken a trip down the elevator trying to game this encounter is too numerous to count.

The bonus boss in Manalorian Raiders is another one where players used a shuttle to negate the mechanics of the fight. That has now been hotfixed.

I like the fact that the hard mode flash points can be challenging, but I’d just like to go in and do them as they were intended. Especially if the gimmick strategy extends the length of the fight. That said, if you’re someone who likes to negate the mechanics, here’s a video from a recent Athiss run where the tank wanted to get creative with the Beast of Vodal Kressh. His strategy was effective, but unnecessary and time consuming.