Cut the Chatter: Earth and Star Wars


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Here’s an interesting little conversation I stumbled upon not too long ago. Does the Earth exist in the Star Wars universe. As far as the films are concerned, Earth is never mentioned, and to my knowledge it’s not mentioned anywhere in the expanded universe.

The best argument that Earth exists in the Star Wars universe comes from the Phantom Menace. In the scene where Queen Amidala asks the Senate for a vote of no confidence in Senator Valorum, one of the alien delegates is E.T. Well not E.T. himself, but other members of his alien species. See for yourself.

So, the E.T. aliens exist in the Star Wars universe, and they’ve also been to Earth. Ergo, Earth exists in the Star Wars universe.

There’s a Halloween scene in E.T. where E.T. sees someone dressed in a Yoda costume. E.T. recognizes the figure and begins to follow him, shouting, “Home, Home”. Again, that’s not to say that E.T. knows Yoda, but if his species exists in the Star Wars universe and are members of the Republic, then it stands to reason they would also be familiar with Yoda’s species.

All of this sounds good right up until the point you ask the question, if Earth and Star Wars exist in the same universe, then how come we see someone wearing a Yoda costume and people playing with Star Wars action figures in E.T? It presents the paradox of Star Wars being Earth fiction, and yet existing in that universe.

So which is it? Does Earth exist in Star Wars?

I’m going to ponder this over a bowl Reeses Pieces while I let you guys weigh in on this.