It’s a Bad Week to be a Druid!

As you all know, around here every day is Hunter Week, but for the rest of the world of Warcraft, this week is dedicated to Hunters. While I’ve been very active on Darkbrew this expansion, my other Hunters have been riding the pines pretty hard. This is in large part do to how unfriendly Mists was to alts. when it was first released. It was hard enough leveling and gearing up one toon, nevermind others. In the past, I have been very active with my Hunter alts., and I’m seriously considering rolling a Horde Hunter because in my nine years playing WoW, I’ve never really explored the Horde side.

For the most part my alts. have taken a back seat to Darkbrew, that is except for this one time during Wrath of the Lich King, when my alt. Ranchero, stole the spotlight.

Back then there was a popular site call the Hunter’s Mark. It was run by Lissirra, who at one time wrote the Scattered Shots column for WoW Insider. She had the great idea of creating a Hunter’s Hall of Fame. The only criteria necessary to be inducted was you had to have tamed all of the Spirit Beasts in the game on a single Hunter.

Now back in Wrath there were only four Spirit Beasts which seems small compared to now, but keep in mind that our stables were a lot smaller then too. By taming all of the Spirit Beasts you were giving up a lot. Well okay not really, as the only pet worth using in raids was the wolf.

So back to my alt., he was able to tame all of the Spirit Beasts and get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Sadly the Hunter’s Mark is no more and the Hall of Fame is gone, but I can tell you, that at the time, Darkbrew was jelly beyond belief.

The tables have turned since then, as Darkbrew eventually got all of the Spirit Beasts in Cataclysm. Not only that but he got a drink named after him too. Adding insult to injury, Ranchero is now Shugabear, a female Pandaren sitting at level 87.

Here Shuga, drown your sorrows in a Darkbrew Lager and remember the good ‘ole days.

Arcturis – I logged in one day and thought let’s got get him. I flew to his spawn point and there he was. True story.