The Cartel Gambit

“You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake, well, this could be it, sweetheart.” – Han Solo

The Freelancer and Contractor Bounty Packs were released to the Cartel Market this week, and they contain one of the finest selections of mounts, armor and weapons to date. Normally I don’t dabble in the Cartel Market, but because there were so many items I wanted, I caved and bought some coins and used them to buy a Hypercrate. That’s 24 opportunities to get all the goodies I’m looking for. Can’t miss right?

People generally buy packs for two reasons. One is in hopes of getting cool items to keep, and the other is to make credits. The way you make credits is either selling the packs themselves or buy selling the stuff inside. If you’re truly in it for the credits then selling the packs is the way to go.

On my server the new packs are listing for around 350K. If you were to sell 24 packs from a hypercrate you’re pretty much guaranteed to get 8.4 millions minus the GTN cut. Opening the packs is a gamble. You’re rolling the dice and hoping to get super rare items that you can sell for more than that 8.4 million. Selling packs is a lot easier too. It’s just one item that you have to put on the GTN. When you open a pack you have to assess the value of its contents and then post each item accordingly; assuming that everything in the pack is even worth selling.

I opened all of mine, in part, because it’s fun. And when you see an item that you really wanted, then it’s even more fun. I think I did pretty well, which is to say I got lucky. I got two Morlinger Aggressors, which is the item I most wanted.

Currently the Aggressor is listing for 7 million on my GTN. That’s almost the potential value of the packs if I had sold them. Since the Aggressor was the number one item I was after, getting one for essentially 1.4 million doesn’t seem to bad if they indeed sell for upwards of 7 million.

The bottom line is if you are in it for the credits you should sell packs, if your in it for the items, then depending on their value you might still want to sell the packs and then buy the items for credits. If you’re in it for fun, then you want open all the packs in a very public place and announce to Galaxy all the cool items you find.