Contractor and Freelancer Bounty Cartel Packs

Every time BioWare releases a new cartel pack I pray to the Force that it’s going to be full of crap that I don’t want. You see, every pack that comes with cool mounts, armor and weapons, also comes with a big sucking machine to scoop up all my hard earned credits, cartel coins, and real money as I buy up these packs in droves.

The next set to hit the Cartel Market are the Contractor and Freelance Bounty packs. Dulfy has a nice preview of all items coming in the Contractor and Freelance Bounty packs. All of the images in this post come from her article. Thanks Dulfy! I have to say that these packs are awesome. Here are some of the items that are of particular interest to me.

Woodland Varactyl

It’s nice to see more animal mounts get added to the game, and the Varactyl is a nice addition.




Morlinger Aggressor

This is a very sleek, and dare I say, comfortable looking mount. Some of them out there look like you’d need a chiropractor after each ride. I’m think that my Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, or Sith Inquisitor would look great on this ride.




Hyrotti Racer

Every since I took my first taxi ride on Hutta I’ve wanted a speeder bike mount. I haven’t gotten around to digging for the parts for the GSI mount. This yellow and black version is much nice. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Too bad I don’t have a CE, and thus access to yellow/black dye.




Orleans Patriot

My Trooper + Stalwart Protectors Armor + Red/White Dye Module + Orleans Patriot = CAPTAIN REPUBLIC!




Dynamic and Voltaic Armor

I’m a sucker for “cowboy” hats, and animated armor is always cool.



Series 505 Cybernetic Armor

The last set of armor that I really like is the cyborg armor. This cries out Sith Warrior, but anyone will look cool. Might even be fun to mix and match pieces with other armor sets.


It’s not clear when this pack will be released, but when it does I expect to go broke.