Bounty Contract Week Tips


There are only a few more days left  to participate in the first Bounty Contract Week. It will be back again next month, but if you gather your alts. and carve out some time, there’s a fair bit of progress you can make with achievements and reputation. While my army of alts. take a small break from the action, here are some things you can do to maximize your enjoyment of this first week.

  1. Be careful assisting other players. Some folks want to capture their bounties alive.
  2. The event is not just for level 55 toons. Remember to use your lower level alts. too.
  3. Consider switching instances if a planet is too crowded.
  4. Be patient. It doesn’t take that long for the Shady Characters to respawn. You’ll get them all.
  5. Reputation is Legacy wide. Utilize your alts. to advance faster.
  6. The Kingpin quests can be soloed but they’re not easy. Remember your Heroic Moment.
  7. Bounty Contracts can be traded and sold.
  8. Take bounties on all of the planets.
  9. If you max out your rep., keep doing the event, you’ll be able to use the tokens the following week.

Good Hunting!