Here Comes Treek

Patch 2.3 hit the live servers today, and among its new features is a brand new Ewok companion, Treek. Treek is obtained through a short story-driven questline granted via a mercenary contract. There isn’t any venturing or combat involved. Once you have a mercenary contract she’s pretty much yours. There are multiple ways to obtain the mercenary contract.

  • If you have a legacy level of at least 40 you can purchase a contract for one million credits.
  • You can also purchase the contract with no legacy restrictions from the Cartel Market for 2100 cartel coins.
  • Both versions of the contract can be sold on the GTN. Pay attention to which one you’re buying as the non-cartel market one has the legacy requirement.
  • You can add Treek to your collection for 700 cartel coins.

Treek wears heavy armor, uses Aim as her primary stat, and can be used as either a healer or a tank.

Ewoks! Why did it have to be Ewoks?

New companions are great, but Ewoks? Can’t say I’m a big fan of the furry teddy bears. Did they exist in the days of the Old Republic? Sure, but they’re really a product of the original trilogy and are out of place in this era. I get that most humanoid species as companions would seem ordinary and boring. Nautilans, Ithorians, Rodians; none of these would be terribly unique or exciting, but here are two that would make fascinating companions. Rakata and Gree!

Many of the stories have revolved around these species, and the opportunities to create another epic driven questline abound. To me both Gree and Rakata would have been far better choices for a companion than an Ewok.

That said, I’ll definitely be getting Treek, and I’ll spend the coins to add her to my collection, but I’m just not that excited about an Ewok.


If you want to see Treek in action, here is a nice video from OSWguild.

OSW :: Star Wars the Old Republic – Patch 2.3 Preview – Treek (New Companion)