The New Me!

Patch 2.1 was released yesterday bringing much wanted and needed customization features. I had a blast reconfiguring my characters, and now that coins are spent, and the credits are gone it’s back to business as usual. It’s weird how a simple makeover can make playing a character that much more enjoyable.

Going into it I had a pretty good idea of the changes I wanted to make. Let’s face it, when it comes to species in SWTOR there is a decided lack of diversity to choose from. There’s Human, Blue Human, Green Human, Red Human, Blind Human, Robot Human, Pale Human, Horny Human,  Twi’lek, and now Thundercat. I find that I’m very partial to Chiss right now. They did a heck of job with Cathar although I think I liked the original models slightly better, but they’re a nice addition none the less. The two big changes I was looking to make were to red0 my Mercenary and change my Powertech to Cathar.

I did the full makeover with my Mercenary, and he’s a Cyborg no more. I have to say though, BioWare introduced some cool new cybernetic parts that made me rethink things for moment.

Here is the before and the after.


Let’s walk through the changes.

I did a species change from Cyborg to Chiss. This was 792 Cartel Coins (CC). They added a new hair color and a couple of skin color options for Chiss. I really liked one of the new skin colors, but not enough to spend an addition 240 CCs on it. So all of the options I chose were readily available if you were to create a Chiss Bounty Hunter from scratch. Once I found the look I wanted, I then updated all of my gear.

For the armor set I went full Eradicator for the bracers, belt, chest, gloves, legs and boots. For the helmet I chose the Pathfinder’s Visor. For the pistols I went with a pair of D-200 Military Enforcers, and for my ride I’m using the Gurian Shadow, although I’m considering a Praxon Xeno. The only thing I don’t like about this set is that the guns clip through the robe when holstered. I guess the Empire didn’t have Bounty Hunters in mind when they designed the outfit. Other than that, this is a nice assassin style look.

This is me...PewPewPew
This is me…PewPewPew

The other big change is I converted my Powertech from Chiss to Cathar. One of the downsides of the server consolidations is that a lot of names are no longer available. When I created this character I spent at least thirty minutes trying to find a name. Eventually I started looking and random words that fit well with my legacy name (Fox) and settled on Fursona. I had no idea that Fursona was a thing. Bottom line is, you can’t have a character named Fursona and not have it be a Cathar. ‘Nuff said.

So that was my fun filled yesterday, how did you guys fare?