Switching to Biochem in 2.0

When it comes to MMO’s I’m a sucker for the quality of life features. My ship has all the amenities including the repair bot, Ops training dummy, mailbox, and GTN. I have all three levels of rocket boosts, the field respec, repair droid, and field mailbox. When I learned that Bioware was reintroducing reusable stims, medpacs and adrenals in Rise of the Hutt Cartel, I immediately dropped Cybertech and power leveled Biochem on my Ops toon.

Now, Before you get up in arms about Bioware repeating the sins of the past with reusable items, they are making some changes from how this was implemented at launch.

The reusable items will be Biochem only, but both the consumable and reusable items will have the exact same stats. The consumable stims will have a 120 minute duration and will persist through death. The reusable stims will have a 60 minute duration and will be removed upon death.

What this means is that anyone who runs Ops will have access to the best buffs in the game, but if you have Biochem it will be much easier to manage.

For me, making this switch on a toon that runs Operations was an easy decision. Having reusable items means I’ll always have a medpac and adrenal available for each pull. I’ll never have to worry about remembering to go to the GTN and restock after an Op. I won’t have to buy them for inflated prices because I waited until the last minute to restock. I might also make a credit or two crafting and selling the consumable items on the GTN. Reusable items also allow me to have max buffs and burst when running flashpoints, heroic quests, and even daily quests.

The only downside I see here is that you a have to remember to reapply your stim every hour, and if you should die during an encounter, and are deemed worthy of a combat res., you will need to reapply your stim along with your buffs. A trade off that I’m certainly willing to make. And with that I’m off to power level Cybertech on my new level 50 Powertech.