Need More Stable Slots!

If you tuned in to the live recording of Hunting Party Podcast #156, you would have heard us opining on the need for more stable slots; and that’s before knowing the full extent of pet changes in patch 5.2.

Kalliope over at Where the Wild Things Are posted a nice teaser video on some of the pets coming our way in the next patch. It’s chock full of cool new dino skins, Direhorns, and at last, three new porcupine spirit beasts. These red, green and blue beauties come with their own unique taming challenges similar to what we saw in patch 4.2.

The real challenge won’t be taming any of these guys, it will be finding the stable slots to hold them. It’s safe to say that whatever rationale existed to limit our stable slots no longer applies in patch 5.2. We need more, and fast.

Where the Wild Things Are: Preview of the Pets of Patch 5.2


    1. I still need to edit 156, but 155 is edited. I’ll poke Euri and remind him he needs to publish that one.

  1. Ghostcrawler said that hunter pets are supposed to be a “faithful companion” and that’s the rationale for not expanding the stable, but that’s like saying “role-playing” is the main reason why we have pets, and that’s not exactly the game most people seem to be playing. I mean, I’m sure most of us have a favorite pet or two that we’d never give up, no matter what, but I didn’t tame a water strider just because it’s one of the more bizarre things walking around the world of Azeroth. I tamed it for the buffs.

    And, ironically, game mechanics (pet buffs) stands in the way of me taming certain creatures for purely “role-play” reasons. I’d love to keep a rhino in my stable, and bring it out when I’m in the mood, but it’s not on anyone’s short-list of essential buffs.

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