Boom De Yada – Booyah!

What can I say, this has just been an awesome week for Hunter Songs. It started with the release of the Hunter Open Collab, followed by ‘Til the Servers Shut Down. But as great as those two are, nothing beats the newly released Hunters are Just Awesome.

I remember when Frostheim first talked about doing this project and how cool it sounded. He asked me if I wanted to participate, and I said “absolutely!”, and then he asked me to sing. My hat is off to Balthazar who managed to turn what must of sounded like a sick cat singing “We love our podcasts” into something respectable.

Obviously a lot of time has gone by since this was started and the landscape of the Hunter community has changed. I’m sure if the project was starting today the list of participating Hunters would be much larger. Still this remains a fantastic tribute to the most awesome class in the World of Warcraft.

I’m Darkbrew, and I love my Hunter.

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  1. Very nice, had me keeping time with me feet! And it brought tears to me eyes seeing bonnie Loch Modan again.

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