Updating the Blogroll

So I finally got around to updating my blogroll. To the bloggers who visit here, but haven’t seen your blog listed in the roll, this was in no way intentional on my part. I actually do read a lot of the stuff that you guys write. I don’t always visit the sites directly or comment on the posts. This is mainly due to the fact that I subscribe to most blogs via RSS and read them in Google Reader. I also tend to check my reader while at work, and well, my work blocks access to all things “gaming”. They don’t block my reader though.

I finally had a free moment to compare my reader to my blogroll and I discovered that they were woefully out of synch. They are now one in the same. Actually the blogroll now has a few extras.

As far as what I choose to put on the blogroll, the two main requirements are the blog has to be Hunter related (mostly anyway), and it has to be active. By active I mean if you haven’t posted anything in six months, I’ll remove it from the list, but not from my reader. I just flag it as inactive and then one day if a new post should appear I flag it as active again.

With that if you have a Hunter or Hunter Pet blog that you’d like me to add to my blogroll, please leave a comment here or shoot me an e-mail at thebrewhall@gmail.com.

Cheers and thank you for your contributions to the Hunter community.