Podcast Woes

Euripides posted an update regarding the technical issues we’ve been having with our podcasts. We apologize for the delay in getting them out to you. The good news is things should be resolved and all of our episodes are published and available for download. Currently your best option is to get them through iTunes. We’ll get the official site updated, but it looks like it will be a manual process. You can read Euripides update below.

Hey folks, sometime recently, our FTP server stopped working. It was bound to happen eventually, but I suspect our hosting provider simply turned us off. We were doing 50GB a day of FTP traffic on a virtual private server, and I think that’s the definition of a “bad neighbor”.

We toyed briefly with an account at uploadingit.com, who advertises 100GB per day of transfer (probably enough most days), and to their credit, they even privately offered us an increase for the days we publish the show so long as our average stayed under 100GB. Unfortunately, they’ve been fraught with downtime lately, and as we were uploading the show to them, they went down. Right after I posted that the Kruf episode (116) was working again.

We considered cloud storage from a few different vendors (Amazon, and the likes) but with our monthly 1.5TB of FTP traffic, it’d have been way too expensive. We also considered Libsyn and Podbean and other types of unlimited bandwidth podcasting hosts, however they charge by the amount of shows you have available at one time, and we wanted to keep the whole show downloadable. Also, their pricing structure seems to reflect that they do most of the legwork involved in setting up a new podcast, but we don’t need any of that. We only needed someone to serve our files.

Anyways, I remembered that the space upgrade at wordpress.com was in fact considerably cheaper than a lot of the other hosting options out there, and while they had had flakey downtime and latency issues two years ago when we used them, I’d heard good things about them since. Long story short, we’re going to be using the wordpress.com hosting service from now on. If you ever have issues playing the podcast, please get in touch with Euri by email.