News From the Front

Let me start with a quick apology for last week. I fully planned on being there for episode 111 of the Hunting Party Podcast, but Skype did not want any part of it. I think the technical issues are resolved, so if we’re a go for Christmas Eve, then I’ll be there. I’m also working with Euripides to get some of these episodes cut and out the door.

I’m on my second week of raiding since coming back from vacation and things are moving along nicely. I’m in that awkward 12.5 stage. I’ve acquired a few good pieces of T13 gear, but haven’t quite shed all of the T12 yet.

Between the raid finder and our normal runs I’ve acquired six upgrades including weapons and the 2-piece set bonus; can’t wait to see that in action. It looks like I’ll acquire two more items from badges this week. I just need to decide which two.

Getting all of this gear is great, but with everyone running LFR with their alts, gemming and enchanting this stuff is a nightmare. There isn’t much on the AH, what is there is exorbitantly expensive. All told I need nine red gems, a yellow gem, 2H weapon enchant, chest enchant, leg enchant, shoulder enchant, glove enchant, eng. tinker for gloves. On top of that I’ll have reforge everything.

In many ways it’s no different from any other tier. It’s just that in the past I don’t recall the upgrades coming so fast and furiously. Good problems to have, unless you need to have it all ready to go in about 30 minutes.

Good Hunting!


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