Easy, But Fun

The first week of patch 4.3 was fun. Our 25-man guild gave the raid finder a try on Tuesday night. We figured it would be easy, but had no idea just how much of a roflstomp it would be. Unless you’re decked out in heroic Firelands gear you’ll want to run this each week for the tier pieces alone.

After we ran LFR, we had enough time to give normal modes a look. We one-shot the first boss and came back the next night and got a second boss down. We should have progressed further, but we had a little trouble getting the orb mechanic down. I guess you whipper-snappers are just too young to remember Pong. He should be a one-shot from here on out.

The next evening we put a 10-man together and knocked out the first four bosses. I’ll be surprised if we don’t close out this week 5/8. Dragon Soul normal is definitely easier so far than Firelands. It’s a lot more fun too.

We’ll have to wait and see what the hard modes are like, and if normal modes will even get a nerf this time around. All-in-all this may be a very quick tier, with more guilds attempting hard modes than ever before. It really feels like Blizzard wants to close out this expansion quick and get us over to Pandaria.