Random Thoughts

Okay, while I sift through the amazing amount of information that’s been coming out these past couple of weeks, I thought I would ramble on about some random things. It helps keep my mind off not having a beta invite. Or does it?

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but since Beta Weekends were announced only two of the eight weekends have been beta. I was hoping for more, and the testing program will have to end at some point here.
  • I’ve been very good about avoiding spoilers and beta leaks, but I’d very much like to see a list of class abilities and talent trees. How about it BioWare, maybe some Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… features?
  • Larry Everett’s article about crew skills in TOR is one of the best articles to come out of the lifted press embargo. Definitely a must read.
  • Most reviews I’ve read (both legit and NDA breaking) all say the same thing – “It’s beta and I’m sure BioWare will change this before launch.” We’re less than two months before launch, and the release version needs to be finalized well before early access. Expect TOR to be fun and exciting, but with some lingering issues. I’m OK with this.
  • WoW introduced an incentive laden 12-month subscription plan for it’s players. It includes beta access to Mists of Pandaria, an in-game mount, and a free copy of Diablo III. That’s a great deal, but I’m still playing TOR.
  • Finally, Murderball? WTH? I guess Huttball must be really good.