For the Empire!

Agent… hmm… I don’t have a name yet – reporting for duty! I’m ready to take down the Republic and help restore the Empire as the ruling body in the galaxy.

Apparently all of my friends are choosing to side with the Empire. As I’ve stated many times, being bad is good. I’ll admit I’m used to siding with the “good” guys. In SWG I joined the Rebellion and in WoW I play on the Alliance (although if Dwarves were members of the Horde I certainly would’ve sided with them). Playing on the side of the perceived bad guys is new, and refreshing territory for me.

Now until I play each of the four Imperial classes I can’t truly settle one one, but I do like the thought of a Chiss Imperial Agent. These meat head Sith types maybe great with the Force and all, but it takes more than a glow stick and wave of the hand to keep the Empire going.

I’m intrigued by the whole inter-galactic spy story. Beautiful women, holding my holo-news upside down as I inconspicuously try to spy on someone, having Kalyio attack me on my ship while I lie in bed, and using an Obi-Wan beard disguise to sneak into a secret Republic installation.

So watch your back Republic scum for Agent… (I really need a name) is lurking in the shadows, and I’m bringing friends.