What do we Call it?

Happy Friday everyone. Today I pose to you a simple question – what the heck are we supposed to call this game? Every MMO should have a solid acronym that’s short, easy to pronounce, simple to remember, and can’t be confused with something else. With the game so close to release you would think that this would be settled, and perhaps it is, and I’m just unaware (wouldn’t be the first time).

Still within the last week I’ve heard The Old Republic referred to as TOR, SWTOR (pronounced swotor), and SWTOR (pronounced sweater). That’s three names right there, and who knows how many more might be lurking out there.

Now if it were up to me I’d call it TOR, but unfortunately I don’t yet have the influence in the community to issue such a mandate, so I’ll just have to leave the decision up to you.

Help me TOR community, you’re my only hope!