Bracers Can Wait

I should be buying bracers. They are by far the weakest piece of gear that I have right now. They’re not blues, but they aren’t raid quality either. I’ve killed Chimaeron 15 times, including once last week, and I’ve only seen the Chimaeron Armguards drop one-time.

When folks ask us on the podcast where they should spend those first valor points we usually tell them to buy whatever represents the current biggest upgrade. In my case it’s the Bracers of Forked Lightning. I’m not buying them first though.

I’m saving up for the Flamewaker’s Tunic, and my next purchase will be the Flamewaker’s Gloves. The tier bonuses are really good, and the sooner I can get to them the better. The chest is the more expensive than the gloves, and will take longer to get, but the gloves have a chance to drop from the new BH boss, which I’m doing every week, so it makes sense to grind badges towards the chest, and hope to get lucky with a drop in the meantime.

Furthermore the valor bracers are BoE which means if I scrape up the gold I can buy them on the AH or from a guildie. Also, there are the Hide-Bound Chains that drop from Firelands trash. We’re doing Firelands every week so there’s a good chance I’ll see these drop. I’ve already been lucky with the Lava Bolt Crossbow (love the gun sound on it btw).

If all else fails, I’ve got another level 85 toon that I’m not raiding on that I could run through some randoms and then use that toon’s valor to get the bracers. Right now that requires more game time that I have. I barely have enough time to get Darkbrew valor capped as it is.

So that’s my thinking right now. I’m going for two pieces of tier first, and then I’ll start filling in the gaps. How about you guys? What’s your priority for spending valor this tier?


  1. I got lucky the first week. I picked up Hide-Bound Chains and Ranseur of Hatred from trash, along with Flickering Shoulders from Beth'tilac. I was also able to pick up the cloak and belt from Avengers rep. I bought Flamewaker's Gloves first, since it was the biggest upgrade from VP for me, and they didn't drop from Occu'thar this week, and I'd rather not hold out week after week for them to drop. As soon as I have the points, I'm getting the pants next, provided they don't drop from BH, since I want the 2-piece bonus ASAP. Next will be the tier chest, followed by the ring, then the amulet. I'm hoping that the crossbow will drop for me soon, because any time I've seen it on the AH on my server, it's been 30k+ and I really hate spending that much on gear when I can just get it to drop for free (if I can actually land a raid spot…5th highest geared hunter on the server, 20th overall, I don't see why not!)

  2. I was planning to follow the same route as you; chest item then gloves if they don't drop. Only then will I replace the 4pc T11.

    I admit, some of the other pieces are really tempting to get now.

  3. @smakendahed – Yeah the other route to go would be to get the legs first. It really just depends on how your raid is doing as Lord Rhyloth will drop a chest and the fire bird will drop legs.

    The chest is probably a more likely drop for most, so getting the tier legs first might make more sense for some people.

  4. If you have 4pc T11 you really should not even bother with T12 gear as it is a dps loss, its around 400 dps loss for regular T11 and almost a 700dp loss going from heroic 4pc T11 to 2pc/2pc split. (at least for MM).

    Take a look, then write a blog thanking bliz… it gets better, the 4pc T12 is a dps loss in comparison to 4pc Heroic T11

  5. Since the bracers are boe… I have my alt running heroics to buy them for my main hunter. Most active raiders I know have at least one max level alt.

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