Beating Beth’tilac

Beth’tilac is the giant spider boss that you’ll face early on in Firelands. This is where I would insert something witty about spiders, but I hate spiders; even virtual ones.

I’m not going to give you the entire strategy here. You can go to Learn2Raid, or check out the strategy on Marks-365. My focus here are on things you can do as a hunter to take her down.

This is another ranged friendly fight and pretty straight forward for hunters. Chances are you’ll be asked to be part of the ground team and handle the adds. The good news is hunters are well suited to handle all three types of adds.

Cinderweb Spiderlings

  • It’s vital that are killed before they reach a drone, or worse Beth. Ice trap and Multi-Shot AoE works great on them. My preference is to go Survival with two points in Entrapment. Marksman with points in Concussive Barrage is also something to consider.
  • Once a group is dead start killing the other adds, but keep an eye out for the next wave.

Cinderweb Spinners

  • These hang from the web and need to be taunted down. Distracting Shot is perfect for this. If you’re assigned to dps these down, you might want to consider turning on your pet’s growl, and using the Glyph of Misdirection so you can easily solo them.

Cinderweb Drone

  • Nothing special here, just single target dps them down, and try not to have more than one out at a time.


  • You’ll most likely be facing her during the burn phase. We like to stack our raid on her tail for better healing. Just be aware that unlike BWD and BoT these bosses don’t seem to ignore our minimum range so you’ll have to stand a little farther out than the rest of the group. Be sure that your raid is aware of this ahead of time so you don’t find yourself having to be in melee range to stand in a healing circle.

Have any other tips or tricks for Beth’tilac? Be sure to post them in the comments.

One Comment on “Beating Beth’tilac”

  1. About Cinderweb Spiderlings.
    One point in Rapid Killing for MM is so very good. Every time you kill a spiderling you will get a 50 focus.
    There comes a point in killing wave of spiders when you can just mash the multi shot keybind and never run out of focus.

    There's two hunters assigned in our 10 man raid to deal with the spiderlings. As we're both MM we took Concussive Barrage on our first kill and it helped a lot. But on the second and the third only one of us had this talent and it was enough.
    We take different roles: my partner focuses on slowing and killing spiders and i join him around the time spiders in the waver are about half HP.
    In the meantime i was assisting other DDs with Spinners and Drones. I guess my role could have been easily fullfilled by any other non-hunter DD.
    However, it's worth mentioning that as two hunters we were able to kill all the spiderlings in time, assist with killing drone and spinners and taunt spinners to the ground in process.

    What i meant to say is that it may be possible for just one hunter to deal with all the spiderlings by himself, provided he won't be distracted by other tasks and gets help as he needs. He also would probably need both Concussive Barrage and 1 point in Rapid Killing, it's even possible to utilize our shitty Dazzled Prey glyph.

    Sorry for my boxy english, good luck in killing, from Russia with love, Iridar.

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