Are the Bosses Smarter Now?

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the Firelands bosses no longer ignore our minimum range. I can’t speak to all of them, but Shannox, Lord Rhyloth, Beth’tilac and Baleroc all follow this pattern.

Now with Shannox and Lord Rhyloth it’s not a huge issue. Beth’tilac and Baleroc are different stories though. 

On Beth’tilac most strategies stack the raid behind the boss for burn phase. Our minimum range limits how close we can get to the boss. It’s important that you let the raid know so that they can adjust their positioning to accommodate our minimum range, otherwise you’ll find yourself watching the end of the fight because you couldn’t stand in  a bubble or on a healing circle of some kind. Not a big deal here, and your raid should easily adjust to this.

Baleroc is a little more tricky. He has a mechanic where he drops a crystal on the ground. The crystal channels a debuff to the closest player. After getting about 10 stack the player closest to the crystal needs to move out and another player needs to move in.

The challenge here is Baleroc likes to drop the crystal close to where he’s standing. If you stand next to the crystal you’ll likely be in melee range. You’ll need coordinate with your raid such that you are far enough out to do ranged dps and still be the closest person to the crystal. On our first night of attempts this was a small issue with our melee. Keep in mind that this boss has a pretty strict DPS requirement so standing in melee range for the crystal is not an option.

I know the Firelands bosses hit harder and drop nicer loot, and apparently they are a bit smarter than their BWD/BoT/TotFW counterparts. Maybe Blizzard can dumb them down a bit.

Oh and for those of you that have worked on Alysrazor, Staghelm and Ragnaros, are you noticing the same issue?

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  1. Didn't have any problems on Alys.

    For Stag – during his Scorpion form – there is no minimum range – but during his cat-form (or well – mostly the adds he spawns) have that. Not much of a problem since yer at range anyway for the cat-form.. but still slightly annoying.

    No problems on Ragnaros either.

  2. Majordomo himself has no minimum range but his adds do. There's a phase where the raid collapses about halfway through the fight and there are usually one or two large cat adds still alive that need to be killed. We can't attack them at all, but we can be on top of Majordomo in scorpion form and pew pew like normal.

    Same with Alysrazor, the boss has no minimum range but the adds do.

    Haven't gotten close enough to adds on Ragnaros to check, but I'd assume the same thing is true.

  3. The adds in Ragnaros's transition phase do have a minimum range, which is pretty annoying because they tend to move towards you.

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