Surviving Shannox

Shannox is one of the first bosses you’ll face in Firelands. Although he uses traps and has two pets out at once, he insists on using melee attacks, and thus it puts him firmly in the category of “Huntard”. Our job is to revoke his hunters license once and for all.

I’m not going to give you the entire strategy here. You can go to Learn2Raid, or keep an eye out on Marks-365 for full blown strategies. My focus here are on things you can do as a hunter to take him down.
This is a ranged friendly fight and pretty straight forward for hunters. Outside of the normal don’t stand in stuff there isn’t much you have to worry about here.

Now as far as specs go you’ll really want to do this one as MM. Rageface has an ability called  Face Rage. Basically he’ll attack a random player and give him the beat down until he is hit with a single attack that does 30K damage in 10-man, or 45K damage in 25. Marks is really the only spec that can produced this damage on demand. Both Chimera and Aimed Shot will work here. Just be sure to watch your focus and make sure you have enough in reserve to fire off at least an Aimed Shot when you need it.

The other area where hunters can help out is in slowing down Riplimb. Shannox and Riplimb like to play fetch and it’s important that Riplimb is slowed down when going after Shannox’s spear. This will give the Riplimb tank time to drop his stacks of whatever. Anyway, Concussive Shot and slowing traps will get the job done here.

Other than that you just need to watch your threat as the boss and dogs can’t be taunted. 

Overall this is a pretty easy fight for hunters, and if it does look like a wipe we’ll have a good chance of hitting Feign Death and making out alive.

Have any other tips or tricks for Shannox? Be sure to post them in the comments.


  1. For 25 man by the end of the fight there are there are tons of traps everywhere! While my guild was progressing through this fight plenty of people kept walking through the crystal traps and getting frozen. I found that throwing a flare out on a crystal trap that's near a bunch of people made it much more visable and people stopped getting stuck in them, at least the ones I flared 😛 Also try and stand near a fellow hunter or mage, I find that it makes them more inclined to get rageface off your face. -Cazulon

  2. So far, I found Beast Mastery to be easier for dealing with Rageface than my normal MM spec. Kill Command having a 6 sec cd and all the extra focus really helped. If you use a cunning pet with dive+mobility+boar's speed, they can keep on Rageface the whole time.

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