Vacation Update

Greetings folks! I’m still on vacation in Switzerland. I have limited internet access, but managed to find a moment to blog.

Here are some observations of my trip so far.

  • Driving a Mercedes in the Alps = awesome.
  • Real beer!
  • Toblerone:Swiss::Twinkie:American
  • Standing on top of a Swiss mountain and yelling Riiiicolaaaaa, totally not a tourist thing.
  • Mountain gondolas are public transportation.
  • Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!
  • I haven’t had to say – “We need to go fast, I’m in a race for a million dollars.
  • If the Switzerland were a zone in Azeroth it’d be where guids go for their Critter Killer achievement (Moo!)
  • This place definitely does NOT need more cowbell.
  • I haven’t had to lie and say – “I’m Canadien.”

Well it’s off to France now, and then soon to Azeroth.