Pardon the Interruption

If you’ve spent any amount of time at all in the new heroics, then you know that interrupting spells is a huge part of many of the encounters. If you’ve spent any amount of time playing a hunter then you know that when it comes to interrupting we’re not exactly the most assertive bunch. Still though we’re not completely helpless in this area.

Now when you think of hunters and interrupt you normally think of Silencing Shot, which is only available to Marksman hunters. Silencing Shot is not our only option though. In addition to providing buffs and debuffs, we have pets with interrupt capabilities.

Gorillas, Nether Rays and Moths all have interrupt abilities. Gorillas have Pummel, Nether Rays have Nether Shock, and Moths have Serenity Dust.

Gorillas are the best option because their ability has the shortest cool down at 30 seconds. Nether Shock has a 40 second cool down and Serenity Dust comes in at a hefty one minute. Beast Mastery hunters have the Longevity talent that will reduce the cool downs by 30%. So for Pummel that takes its cool down 21 seconds which puts it on par with Silencing Shot.

So if you find yourself in an unbalanced group lacking sufficient interrupts, just head to the stables and grab one of these faithful companions.

Happy Hunting!


  1. It was that very boss that inspired me to write this post. I've been doing mostly all guild heroics, which tends to be more "bring the player and not the class".

    We had two hunters and someone else who wasn't great at interrupts so Euripides went out and grabbed a pet for interrupts.

  2. Cheers Darkbrew – this is the post I've been waiting for and I didn't even get the chance to write the question before it was answered!

    I have pondered what my options have been for this one. On that first SFK boss, I have tried tranquilising shot, Wyvern Sting, and even a few traps to stop the healing. I haven't had any clue if these worked because I'm always concerned about staying alive, avoiding agg and doing DPS (not to mention avoiding the team disbanding. I'll definately look for a gorilla for this fight now.

    What other bosses require interrupts? I know I have seen a few interrupt spam messages but I've only done a few heroics so I don't know the inis well enough yet.

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