Ready for Raiding

I managed to close the year out on high note that had me singing “Oh what a night, late December back in twenty ten…”

On Tuesday we defeated Argaloth and I got a nice PvP belt (which works just fine in PvE). On Thursday we defeated Magmaw and the fiery little worm was kind enough to drop Leggings of Lethal Force.

From there I went on a little tear and upgrade five more slots of gear. Darkling Staff, Signet of the Elder Council, Treads of the Malorne, the Unsolvable Riddle, and Wrap of the Valley Glades.

That’s it I’m done and ready to raid. Any gear I get from heroics (other than bracers) are a side-grade. My reputations are where they need to be in terms of what I can get, and most of my pets are level 85. I just need a few more enchants, some flasks, potions and I’m ready go.

How about it guild are we ready to raid?

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